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Winnetka, by ArLynn Leiber Presser

In 1854, as the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad Company made plans to lay track through the Green Bay Trail north of Chicago, builder Charles Peck subdivided the surrounding woods.  His wife Sarah declared that they must name this land Winnetka, meaning “beautiful land” in Native American.  There is no proof that the word means “beautiful land” in any language—but all who visit Winnetka agree it is an apt description.  Bordered by Lake Michigan and the lagoons and woods of the Cook County forest preserve, Winnetka is a town of well-tended lawns with vibrant spring tulips and daffodils giving way to summer’s leafy hostas.  Its homes are found in historical registers, its shopping districts are charming and quaint, and its beaches and parks invite one to play hooky for an afternoon.  Winnetka’s residents are good neighbors, reaching out to one another in times of fun and times of tragedy, devoted to excellence in education and in their professional lives. 

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.  

Winnetka, by ArLynn Leiber Presser

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