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What Would Jane Say?  by Janice Metzger

In 1909, architecture giant Daniel Burnham and the Commercial Club of Chicago developed a Plan of Chicago.  Their City Beautiful movement assumed that an attractive and well organized city would resolve the vexing troubles around them.  At the same time, the formidable Jane Addams and many female contemporaries engaged in city-building of a different sort.  Their achievements still resonate today, even if the women's names do not.  They subscribed to City Livable ideas that addressed the social, economic, and cultural needs of the population.  Author Janice Metzger tells the tale of two approaches to city-building in the early 1900s---the players and the movements, the problems and reform efforts, the conflicts and the possibilities---as she speculates on what Jane Addams and her peers would say had they been involved in the Plan of Chicago.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 372 pgs.

Price:  $18.95

What Would Jane Say? by Janice Metzger

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