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The Texas Rangers, by Chuck Parsons & Joe B. Davis

Texas Rangers.  The words evoke exciting images of daring, courage, high adventure.  The Rangers began as a handful of men protecting their homes from savage raiding parties.  Now, in their third century of existence, they are a highly sophisticated crime-fighting organization.  Yet at times even today a Ranger mounts his horse to track fugitives through dense chaparral, depending on his wits more than technology.  The iconic image of the Texas Ranger is of a man who is tall, unflinching, and dedicated to doing a difficult job no matter what the odds.  The Rangers of the 21st century are different sizes, colors, and genders, but remain as hardy and dedicated today as in the horseback days of 1823, when their territory was a wild and untamed land.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.   

The Texas Rangers, by Chuck Parsons & Joe B. Davis

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