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The Inland Water Route, by Matthew J. Friday

From its humble beginnings as a trading route for Native Americans, Northern Michigan's Inland Route has become one of the most scenic and memorable voyages anywhere in America.  As a series of interconnected lakes and rivers from Cheboygan to Conway, the Inland Route touches several Northern Michigan communities and links them through her winding rivers and vast lakes.  After improvements to the waterway in the 1870s, bigger boats and log booms started drifting down the route; but though once a necessity for fur traders and lumbermen, the meandering waterway soon blossomed with dozens of tourist boats, hotels, resorts, and cottages.  The result was a memorable voyage filled with natural beauty, recreation, and socialization.  The images in this book recall the story of the Inland Route from its early history through the era of the inland steamers, taking the reader on a voyage of discovery and relaxation through unrivaled beauty and history.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 Pgs.   

The Inland Water Route, by Matthew J. Friday

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