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The Hellyer Say, by Art Hellyer

Art Hellyer probably holds the record for being fired from more stations than any other radio personality.  His on-air antics drove program directors up the wall, but delighted listeners, who faithfully followed him from station to station.  Sponsors who did not take themselves too seriously often acknowledged that his deviations from their printed “spots” actually resulted in increased sales.  During more than 55 years behind the mic, Art got to meet and often interview the likes of Liberace, both Mayors Daley, Leo Durocher and a host of other diverse notables.  Author Studs Terkel says, “There was something joyous, heart-warming and graceful” in Art’s broadcasts.  The wonderfully wacko personality that made that true floats off the pages as Art recalls those fun years. ​

Softcover, 6 x 9, many photos, 412 pgs. 

The Hellyer Say, by Art Hellyer

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