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The Chicago Outfit, by John J. Binder

No business, legitimate or otherwise, has had a more raucous influence on the history of a city than that of "the outfit" in Chicago. From the roots of organized crime in the late 19th Cenury to the present day, The Chicago Outfit examines the evolution of the city's underworld, focusing on their business activities and leadership along with the violence and political protection they employed to become the most successful of the Cosa Nostra crime families.  John J. Binder has researched and studied organized crime in Chicago for over 12 years.  Through a vivid and visually stunning collection of images, many published here for the first time, he tells the story of the people and places of the world of organized crime from a fresh and informed point of view.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

The Chicago Outfit, by John J. Binder

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