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San Francisco Zoo, by Katherine Girlich

In 1922, philanthropist and president of the San Francisco Parks Commission, Herbert Fleishhacker, purchased a 60-acre site in southwestern San Francisco. Fleishhacker Pool was built in 1925 and an adjoining zoo added in 1929. Originally called Fleishhacker Zoo, it featured a variety of exotic wildlife. Major exhibits were built in the 1930s Depression era as part of the Work Progress Administration (WPA). This book celebrates the San Francisco Zoo’s 80-year history as it revisits cherished animals and structures like Monkey Island, Storyland, and Dentzel Carousel. Author Katherine Girlich has lived in the shadow of the zoo all her life. Like many San Franciscans, she regards the zoo as a special place, a great San Francisco treasure along the foggy shores of Ocean Beach. 

​ Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

San Francisco Zoo, by Katherine Girlich

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