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Route 66 in Springfield, by Cheryl Jett

From 1926 through 1977, Route 66 carried millions of travelers from the shores of Lake Michigan to the Pacific Coast.  Americans fell in love with the automobile and made a family tradition of the road trip.  On its three different alignments through the capital city of Springfield, Route 66 took motorists around the Illinois State Fairgrounds, past the state capitol, and through Abraham Lincoln's neighborhood.  Mom-and-pop motels, gas stations, and eateries opened along the highway and became familiar landmarks to travelers in the "Land of Lincoln."  One of the first drive-up window restaurants opened in Springfield, and the "horseshoe" and the "cozy dog" became popular local foods.  A man operated his Route 66 gas station for 40 years before transforming it into an internationally known museum.  Meet the proprietors of these businesses, witness the growth of the highway, and enjoy a generous dose of nostalgia.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs. 

Route 66 in Springfield, by Cheryl Jett

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