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Prairie du Chien, by Mary Elise Antoine

Just above the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers lies a 9-mile prairie whose beauty and location made it a favored gathering place of Native Americans.  French explorers and fur traders stored trade goods and celebrated on the prairie, in time building homes at la Prairie des Chiens.  American soldiers constructed a fort here, at the entrance to the upper Mississippi Valley, to secure the region for settlement.  Settlers arrived in Prairie du Chien by steamboat and railroad.  By 1900, a bustling city had spread across the plain, but the majestic beauty of the river endured.  Tourists came to drift along the banks of the Mississippi, climb the steep bluffs surrounding the prairie, and sample the Friday night fish fries.  Today, Wisconsin's second-oldest community retains the attraction that drew the first explorers to its shores.​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs. 

Prairie du Chien, by Mary Elise Antoine

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