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Now, When I Was a Kid, by Dan McGuire

Danny McGuire invites readers to join him and his boyhood pals on a nostalgia trip back to an era when housewives shopped at nearby mom-and-pop stores and folks stopped to "set a spell" and visit on someone's front porch to exchange neighborhood news. Folks knew their neighbors and looked out for one another, so kids were free to roam anywhere, play everywhere and revel in the sheer joy of just being kids. Now, When I Was A Kid... is filled with memories of good times growing up in small town America during the 1940s. It recalls what was so good about those "good old days"---especially for kids. Foreword by old time radio historian, broadcaster and former "When Radio Was" host, Chuck Schaden.
Softcover, 6 x 9, 302 pgs., dozens of period photos

Now, When I Was a Kid, by Dan McGuire

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