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Miss Dinah Shore: A Biography,  by Mchael B. Druxman

She was the queen of the afternoon talk show.  For over five decades, Dinah induced a state of joy in people wherever she appeared, a love affair between her and her audience.  In the fickle world of popular music, Dinah had a longer run at the top than any other girl singer.  On television, she had no equal in the musical field.  Arguably, she was “the first lady of television.”  Dinah’s life, however, was not always easy.  She was a Jewish girl growing up in the Deep South and, at an early age, suffered a bout with polio.  Romantically, she was involved with many men, from her first husband, actor George Montgomery, to Frank Sinatra, to her May/December affair with Burt Reynolds.  Miss Dinah Shore is the candid story of a beloved lady whose show business career spanned radio, records, movies, television variety and talk shows: a remarkable journey.

Softcover, 6 x 9

Miss Dinah Shore: A Biography, by Mchael B. Druxman

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