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Marshall Field's

     "Give the lady what she wants!"  ...Marshall Field

Anyone who has admired the Great Tree while waiting in line for the Walnut Room at Christmas time can attest that Chicago's loyalty to Marshall Field's is fierce.  Dayton-Hudson even had to take out advertising around town to apologize for changing the Field's hallowed green shopping bags.  And with good reason.  The store and those who ran it shaped the city's streets, subsidized its culture and heralded its progress.  The resulting commercial empire dictated wholesale trade terms in Calcutta and sponsored towns in North Carolina, but its essence was always Chicago.  So when the Marshall Field name was retired in 2006 after the stores were purchased by Macy's, protest slogans like "Field's is Chicago" and Field's: as Chicago as it gets" weren't just emotional hype.  Many still hope that name will be resurrected like the city it helped support after the Great Fire and during the Great Depression.  Until then, fans of Marshall Field's can celebrate its history via this warm look back at the beloved institution.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 155 pgs.

Marshall Field's

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