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Louisville Television, by David Inman

T-Bar-V Ranch went off the air in 1970.  Ask any Louisville baby boomer to sing the theme song and you'll instantly hear, "Brush your teeth each morning / Get lots of sleep at night / Mind your mom and daddy / Cause they know what is right."  Such is the power of homegrown television.  David Inman, who grew up in Louisville, is the author of five other books about television history and trivia.  Here he presents a look at Louisville television history over the last 50 years, from T-Bar-V to Tom Wills's retirement.  Along the way, you will catch a glimpse of Diane Sawyer (as the WLKY "weather girl") and dozens of images of locally produced musical shows, game shows, talk shows, children's shows, and newscasts--not to mention all the lyrics to the T-Bar-V Ranch opening and closing theme song.​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs

Louisville Television, by David Inman

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