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Lighthouses of Northwest Michigan, by Susan Roark Hoyt

After the first settlers reached northwestern Michigan, the region's immense pine forests were quickly cultivated into a thriving lumber industry.  Coastal towns sprang up to support sawmills, and soon lumber schooners arrived to carry large loads of timber to ports across Lake Michigan.  Their journeys were not without dangers, however.  Rudimentary harbors made docking and loading hazardous while shoals and reefs, hidden beneath the water's surface, threatened to ravage the unsuspecting vessels.  The need for lighthouses to mark these dangerous waters and harbor entrances was crucial to prevent the loss of lives and valuable cargo.  In this companion to her first book about the lighthouses in southwest Michigan, the author completes her history of lighthouses that guarded Lake Michigan's eastern shoreline. ​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs

Lighthouses of Northwest Michigan, by Susan Roark Hoyt

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