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Lake Lawn, by Ellen Baker Bell;  Foreword by W. Gordon Yadon

Nestled on 275 shaded acres beside beautiful Delavan Lake, Lake Lawn has been a favorite vacation destination since 1878.  Much of the area’s local history is rooted to this wooded lakeside retreat.  It is the site of the highest concentration of ancient Native American effigy mounds in the area.  Plus, it was the place where the Mabie brothers first brought their circus, leading to Delavan’s designation as 19th-century circus capital of the nation.  It was also home to the Lake Lawn Ballroom, one of the most popular dance halls of its day, where a young Lawrence Welk played annually before achieving national fame.  In addition to its historical significance, Lake Lawn was the beloved vacation spot for generations of families who enjoyed annual trips to its lakeside cottages and rustic timber lodges.  With the help of local historians and former resort employees, the author sought to preserve the town's unique history.  The result is a compilation including not only factual accounts of the resort but also personal stories and rare photographs from the collections of many who have loved Lake Lawn over the years. ​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.    

Lake Lawn, by Ellen Baker Bell; Foreword by W. Gordon Yadon

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