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Italians in Chicago, by Dominic Candeloro

Chicago's Italian communities played an important role in the rich and diverse mosaic of Chicago history.  As a rail center, an industrial center, and America's fastest growing major city, Chicago offered opportunities for immigrants from all nations.  This intriguing narrative record gives glimpses and echoes of what occurred in the Italian-American communities from their earliest beginnings in the city.  Going back to the 1850s, it explores the lives of ten significant members of the Chicago Italian-American community, including vintage images and tales of such individuals as Father Armando Pierini, Anthony Scariano, and Joe Bruno, and groups such as the Aragona Club and the Maria Santissima Lauretana Society.  Italians in Chicago recounts the challenges and triumphs of Italian immigrants and their role in the city‘s growth.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

Italians in Chicago, by Dominic Candeloro

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