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Illinois in World War II, by Bill Nunes

Writing with an engaging, eclectic style that weaves larger themes in with intense personal accounts, Bill Nunes chronicles the immense contribution made by Illinois citizens to the outcome of World War II. As memories dim of that dreadful drama in which “the greatest generation” did so much to save the world, it is fascinating to see how the mosaic of a global war is made up of the individual tiles of brave citizens contributing their individ-ual efforts to the overall solution. Nunes’ book can serve as a quick refer-ence work to the people, battles and politics of World War II. It’s also a book to keep handy for those moments when you need something to stir you with nostalgia and pride about America’s history.

Softcover, 8½ x 11, 326 pgs.    

Illinois in World War II, by Bill Nunes

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