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Hurricane in the Hamptons, 1938 by Mary Cummings

The 1938 hurricane, the most severe and terrifying storm to hit Long Island in living memory, struck on September 21, a day that had dawned bright and fair in the seaside communities between Westhampton Beach and Montauk Point.  Unaware of the storm whipping itself into a frenzy just miles away, village residents were going about their normal tasks when it struck, killing more than 30 and wreaking unprecedented destruction before nightfall.  In this book, that disastrous day is recalled with more than 150 photographs, most of them taken by stunned residents in the immediate aftermath of the storm.  Born and raised in Southampton, Mary Cummings has collected stories of the hurricane since her childhood, when she listened to the accounts of those who had lived through the storm. ​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

Hurricane in the Hamptons, 1938 by Mary Cummings

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