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Jutting out of Wisconsin into the blue waters of Lake Michigan, the scenic peninsula of Door County is endowed with the longest coastline of any county in the nation.  Since the mid-1800s, the region has boasted a strong maritime industry, dependent on the constant vigilance and efforts of U.S. Coast Guard units.  The county has been home to as many as 12 historic light stations, as well as three life-saving stations.  Beginning with Pottawatomie Light in 1837 and Sturgeon Bay Canal Life-Saving Station in 1886, keepers and surfmen survived both boredom and peril to ensure safe navigation and commerce, while rescuing those in distress.  Stacy and Virginia Thomas are both actively involved in restoring lighthouses.  In their presentation of these rare archival photographs, stories of shipwrecks, rescues, service, and pride spring to life.  Rescue images of the Otter, a schooner which wrecked in 1895, are especially noteworthy. 

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.    

Guarding Door County: Lighthouses and Life-Saving Stations, by Stacy Thomas