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Green County, by Kim D. Tschudy

This book presents a glimpse into Green County's colorful and historic past.  Not only are the communities of present-day Green County included, but also within are the ghost towns Attica, Dayton, Dutch Hollow, Martintown, Postville, and Schultz.  While far from a complete photographic history of Green County, the reader will get a glimpse of many of the lesser-known facets of its history, both physical and personal.  Writer and reporter Kim Tschudy is a native of Green County with family roots going back to 1846.  An adult education instructor at the University of Wisconsin, in his spare time, he restores historic buildings in Wisconsin and Iowa.  It is his hope that this book will serve as a beginning point for the reader to venture deeper into Green County's collective past. ​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.  

Green County, by Kim D. Tschudy

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