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Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch, by Robert Audretsch

Phantom Ranch is nestled in the Grand Canyon basin on the Colorado River—a location hardly visible from the rim and only accessible after a journey through scores of geologic layers.  The only way there is by river rafting, hiking, or mule, and with each foot of the journey, the traveler descends 30,000 years in geologic time.  While at Phantom Ranch, the view looking above is of 1.7 billion years of geology, all swirling together in an alphabet of colors.  Grand Canyon’s Phantom Ranch is the story of the rustic buildings designed by architect Mary Jane Colter in 1921, of the park’s first peoples, river rafters, the early trail and bridge builders, and dramatic flash floods.  Robert W. Audretsch worked as a park ranger at the canyon for nearly 20 years prior to retiring in 2009.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs. 

Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch, by Robert Audretsch

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