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Gold Coast Madam, by Rose Laws

She still has her voluptuous figure at age 52, but her days of pulling tricks are over.  After escaping an abusive marriage, she began freelancing in the suburbs and eventually was juggling three sugar daddies.  Now she has a cadre of girls who “entertain” lawyers, traders, businessmen, judges, politicians, pro athletes and Hollywood stars¾all for top dollar.  In her Chicago high-rise, the doorman has just tipped her that the vice squad is on the way up.  Will she survive another bust?  She must, because she has five kids for whom she’s trying to provide a home life as normal as possible!  A remarkable and eye-opening memoir by the once reigning madam of Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 202 pgs.

Gold Coast Madam, by Rose Laws

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