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Freeport,  compiled by The Journal-Standard

A bold and daring folk flocked into the Freeport region about 180 years ago, itching to establish themselves.  A mixed ethnicity hauled in with it a diversity of skills and burning ambition.  The broad influence of the settlers’ European ethics—hard work, frugality, and faith—ha s persisted through Freeport’s maturity.  The vast number of innovative industries, coupled with a passion for education and the finer things of life—not to mention a zest for plain old fun—all testify to the city’s colorful past.  Freeport industries have infiltrated world markets with name brands in windmills, engines, automobiles, tires, batteries, switches, beers, toys, patent medicines, household furnishings, and animal feeds, to name a few. Something is always going on in Freeport.  Fueling this are a community college, vibrant public and parochial school systems, churches, service organizations, and a network for artistic tastes with museums, community theater, and concert series.
Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

Freeport, compiled by The Journal-Standard

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