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Downtown Naperville, by Joni Hirsch Blackman

Downtown Naperville is a place unlike many others because of its long, wonderful history and contemporary success.  More than just a central business district, downtown Naperville is a beloved asset to many residents and gives Illinois' fourth-largest city a small-town feel. What began in the mid-1800s as a service center for an agrarian community 30 miles from Chicago has become a shopping and social hot spot of Chicago's western suburbs and a potent draw for new residents.  Many of the same buildings settlers built remain, but downtown Naperville has changed in many ways.  Businesses have come and gone.  The community's dedication to building the Riverwalk in 1981 sparked a resurgence of Naperville's quaint and celebrated downtown.  At about the eve of the new millennium, a new era began for the town.  Through photographs of each stage of downtown Naperville's vibrant history, see the area change from 1831 through the 20th century to today.​

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

Downtown Naperville, by Joni Hirsch Blackman

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