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Door Peninsula Shipwrecks, by Jon Paul Van Harpen

Door County is the final resting place of many shipwrecks, from the first Euro American ship to sail the western Great Lakes, LaSalle’s fabled Griffin that left Washington Island in 1679 never to be heard of again, to modern-day pleasure crafts that find the shallow inlets and bays hard to navigate.  Door Peninsula Shipwrecks takes the reader on a photographic journey around the peninsula and back to a time of wooden ships and iron men.  From Sturgeon Bay to the east coast of the peninsula to the northern islands and Green Bay.  With many historic photographs, and drawing upon 30 years of diving and shipwreck archaeology experience, the author follows the course of storied shipwrecks and brings them to life with the fascinating tales of peril and salvation.  The journey encompasses early wooden sail craft to steel steamers, the brave sailors who sailed the treacherous waters, and the heroic lifesavers who rescued them.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

Door Peninsula Shipwrecks, by Jon Paul Van Harpen

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