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Chicago Monumental, by Larry Broutman

This is a superb coffee table book.  The City of Big Shoulders is alive with public sculpture.  Its monuments, memorials, fountains, grave markers, and architectural adornments speak to us from storefronts and bridges, from parks and cemeteries, in the language of stone and bronze.  In Chicago Monumental, photographer and writer Larry Broutman brings his unique vision to the page, presenting a gorgeous full-color photographic tribute to over 250 of Chicago's monuments, fountains, memorials, and statues in parks and cemeteries, as well as those on the city's streets and buildings.  It may be enjoyed as a visual history, as social documentary, as a guidebook, as a portable art gallery, or as itself a piece of public sculpture.  

All author proceeds are donated to The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind.  

Hardcover, 9" x 13, 218 pgs.

Chicago Monumental, by Larry Broutman

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