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Carvel Ice Cream, by Lauren McGowen & Jennifer Dempsey

Tom Carvel arrived in America in 1910, an unassuming, wide-eyed, young Greek immigrant who would grow up to be an inventor, an innovator and, ultimately, an American icon.  Holding a host of jobs, from drummer to mechanic, Carvel’s relentless entrepreneurial spirit led him down a path less traveled.  At 26 years old, Carvel met his future wife, Agnes Stewart.  He borrowed $15 from her and began selling ice cream out of the back of his truck.  What started as an old truck plugged into a pottery store is now more than 500 franchised locations throughout the nation and abroad and Carvel is one of the best loved and most recognized names in the industry.  In fulfilling his American dream, Carvel is credited for patenting machinery, originating the “buy one, get one” coupon, starring in his own commercials, and being the “father of franchising.”

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.  

Carvel Ice Cream, by Lauren McGowen & Jennifer Dempsey

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