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Burlesque: A Living History, by Jane Briggeman

The sometimes risqué world of burlesque (often jokingly referred to as bur-lee-cue) was once an established part of the larger theatrical world.  Besides its scantily-clad dancing girls, the burlesque show offered comedy and live music.  The spirit of this unique art form is captured here through hundreds of photographs and stories from many who were a part of live theatre’s most colorful past.  This book highlights the careers and contributions of many artists who were the nuts and bolts of burlesque.  With the close of the last burlesque theatres and clubs, a whole world went dark.  This book preserves some of the history and memories of that unique theatrical world and those who worked the stages.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 439 pgs. 

Burlesque: A Living History, by Jane Briggeman

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