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Boston Radio: 1920-2010, by Donna L. Halper

Boston's radio history begins in 1920 with station 1XE/WGI, one of America's first stations, and includes the first station to receive a commercial license, WBZ; the first FM radio network, W1XOJ and W1XER; and one of the first news networks, the Yankee News Service.  Nationally known bandleaders were first heard on Boston radio, as were a number of legendary announcers, such as Bob and Ray, Arnie Ginsburg and Dick Summer; talk show giants Jerry Williams and David Brudnoy; and sports talkers like Eddie Andelman and Glenn Ordway.  Many Boston radio personalities, including Curt Gowdy and Louise Morgan found fame on television, but first established themselves on Boston's airwaves.  With rare photographs from some of Boston's best-known air personalities, the author tells the story of the stations and announcers Bostonians have loved for decades. 

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs. 

Boston Radio: 1920-2010, by Donna L. Halper

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