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Boston Organized Crime, by Emily Sweeney

Boston has had its share of bookies and loan sharks, gangsters and wiseguys, hoodlums and hit men.  From the Great Brink’s Robbery, hailed as the crime of the century, to the Cotton Club in Roxbury, where nightlife kingpin Charlie “King” Solomon was gunned down, to the infamous Blackfriars Massacre, a brutal gangland slaying that left five men dead, slumped over a backgammon game in a cramped basement office—all these dark moments in time are a part of Boston’s history rarely spoken about.  Drawing upon an eclectic collection of crime scene photographs, mug shots, and police documents, award-winning journalist Emily Sweeney explores the shadier side of the Greater Boston area and takes readers on an eye-opening journey through its underworld, from the bootlegging days of Prohibition to the bloody gangland wars of the 1960s.

Softcover, 6 x9, 128 pgs.

Boston Organized Crime, by Emily Sweeney

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