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Arlington Heights, Illinois: A Brief History

For all its progress and feats of rebirth, Arlington Heights is still a small town in the fabric of the nation.  But in that smallness lies its greatest strength.  The village of Arlington Heights--beginning with the diligence and fortitude of William Dunton--is replete with stories of bitter hardship and exalting triumph.  Originally named Dunton after its founder, the village's success was sealed by canny deal-making that brought a railroad through the middle of town.  As the state of Illinois boomed, the village on the tracks flourished with agriculture, industry, transportation and an expanding population.  From the influx of immigrants and industry to the resurrection of Arlington Park Racetrack, this is the compelling history of a small agricultural village's transformation into a thriving commercial district in which small-town charm and an industrious spirit coexist.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 154 pgs.

Arlington Heights, Illinois: A Brief History

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