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Uh, uh, uh!   Don't touch that dial! 

At Back When Books, nostalgia is our stock in trade.  Few things have a more universal nostalgic appeal than old time radio. So to help spread more memories of those “good old days,” we have gathered together an assortment of cassette tapes of old time radio programs that we’d like to share with our customers.

Anyone ordering two or more books will receive as a free “extra” a randomly selected tape with their order.  These are one-hour tapes, usually with two complete half-hour programs of a similar style: mystery, comedy, drama, music, etc.  They will transport the listener back to that “Golden Age of Radio.”

So make your two (or more) selections and submit your order today.  We’ll close our eyes, reach into the stack, slip one of these wonderfully nostalgic OTR cassettes in with your books and get them in the mail poste haste.  You’ll know when they arrive, because the postman always rings twice.

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