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Remembering Marshall Field's, by Leslie Goddard

Opened in 1852 as a small dry goods business, the store that became Marshall Field's reigned for more than 150 years as Chicago's leading department store, celebrated for its exceptional service, spectacular window displays, and fashionable merchandise.  Marshall Field and Company weathered economic downturns, spectacular fires, and fierce competition to become a world-class retailer and merchandise powerhouse.  Marshall Field sent buyers to Europe for the latest fashions, insisted on courteous service, and immortalized the phrase "give the lady what she wants."  The store prided itself on its dazzling Tiffany mosaic dome, Walnut Room restaurant, bronze clocks, and a string of firsts including the first bridal registry and first book signing. 

Sftcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.

Remembering Marshall Field's, by Leslie Goddard

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