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Franklyn MacCormack

Franklyn MacCormack, the late-night radio host, in a lengthy portion of the all-night Meister Brau Showcase (3-19-67) , featuring lush music and poetic reflections recited by Chicago radio’s overnight star. Includes “Why Do I Love You?” and “How Do I Love Thee?” Plus Franklyn MacCormack’s Old Book of Memories (3-10-49) and the hour-long Closing Night at the Aragon (2-8-64) with MacCormack, Wayne King and his orchestra and the final broadcast from the famed Chicago ballroom. Includes many Aragon memories, a salute to the bands that played there over the years and, of course, the King-MacCormack favorite, “Melody of Love.”

2 hours on 2 Compact Discs

Franklyn MacCormack

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