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Fibber McGee & Molly Vol. 1

A dozen comedy classics from the folks at 79 Wistful Vista: (4-1-1941) Molly returns from a shopping trip and discovers that the left rear fender is missing from her car. (11-30-1943) Fibber and Molly search everywhere in Wistful Vista for Teeney’s little dog, Eddie. (10-16-1945) Fibber promises to get Mrs. Carstairs a Pullman car reservation on the train to Florida. (1-21-1947) McGee seeks an architect to do some alterations at 79 Wistful Vista. (3-5-1940) Searching for her dictionary, Molly decides to look in the hall closet. This is the first show to use the classic closet gag! (4-7-1942) Mrs. Uppington is collecting for a wartime scrap drive and Molly decides it’s time to clean out the hall closet. (3-21-1944) Fibber discovers his old mandolin in the hall closet.

(1-7-1947) A radio news bulletin about some escaped criminals prompts Fibber to search for his gun in the hall closet. (6-5-1945) Molly begins cleaning the hall closet but Fibber insists he'll do it. As visitors drop by, the McGees reminisce about items from the closet. (11-1-1949) The Wistful Vista Trolley Company offers a prize for the best suggestions to improve their business and Fibber has a perfect idea. (4-13-1943) First show of the 9th season; Fibber tries to repair his radio so he can hear a program about his uncle Sycamore.

(2- 24-1948) Fibber uses a neighbor's short-wave radio to contact an old friend in Manilla to collect a $7 debt. 6 hours on 6 Compact Discs

Fibber McGee & Molly Vol. 1

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