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Kentucky's Famous Racehorses,  by Patricia L. Thompson


Central Kentucky is home to many magnificent horses and their farms.  Although there are numerous places to witness these beautiful animals, including Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Pimlico, and Belmont, their history often gets overwhelmed by their statistics.  In the Images of America series, Kentucky's Famous Racehorses goes beyond the numbers and provides insight into the character of these beloved creatures by featuring stories straight from those closest to the horses--the grooms.  Patricia L. Thompson was born in Louisville and moved to Lexington as a child.  After several moves, she and her husband returned to Lexington with their three children, and horses remain a part of their lives.

Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.
Price:  $21.00

Unstoppable!: The Chicago Blackhawks' Dominant 2013 Championship Season
From the pages of The Daily Herald 


The Chicago Blackhawks’ triumphant series win over the Boston Bruins in the 2013 Stanley Cup Final was the culmination of a hockey season few Blackhawks fans will ever forget.  Led by superstars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews and goaltender Corey Crawford, the team dominated the NHL in a lockout-shortened 2013 season—setting a league record with points in their first 24 games.  The Blackhawks then prevailed over the Minnesota Wild, the Detroit Red Wings, and defending champion L.A. Kings to reach the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in four seasons.  Packed with unique analysis from the Daily Herald and stunning action photography, Unstoppable! takes fans through the Blackhawks’ amazing journey to the epic playoff comeback against Detroit and the final seconds against Boston.  This commemorative edition also includes in-depth profiles of Kane, Toews, Quenneville, Crawford, and other Blackhawks stars.


Softcover, 8.5 x 11, 128 Pages

Price:  $14.95    



Grand Canyon's Phantom Ranch,  by Robert Audretsch


Phantom Ranch is nestled in the Grand Canyon basin on the Colorado River—a location hardly visible from the rim and only accessible after a journey through scores of geologic layers.  The only way there is by river rafting, hiking, or mule, and with each foot of the journey, the traveler descends 30,000 years in geologic time.  While at Phantom Ranch, the view looking above is of 1.7 billion years of geology, all swirling together in an alphabet of colors.  Grand Canyon’s Phantom Ranch is the story of the rustic buildings designed by architect Mary Jane Colter in 1921, of the park’s first peoples, river rafters, the early trail and bridge builders, and dramatic flash floods.  Robert W. Audretsch worked as a park ranger at the canyon for nearly 20 years prior to retiring in 2009.


Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs. 

Price:  $21.00


 Mackinac Island,  by Tom North


Michigan's Mackinac Island is the crown jewel of the Great Lakes, unique in America.  Native Americans preceded French explorers and missionaries of the 17th century.  Forts were established and battles fought between American and British soldiers.  Commerce, including fur trading and fishing, later surpassed military importance, later yielding to the tourism industry that has dominated the past 150 years.  Accessible by water, "ice bridge," or air, Mackinac Island encompasses a state park, harbor, city, and Victorian hotels and homes.  A ban on automobiles helps preserve the island's historic character, leaving land movement to foot, bicycle, and horse-drawn carriage.  Rare images presented here capture bygone days and lifestyles on this island where 19th century charm survives and intrigues even today.


Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.    

Price:  $21.00


RMS Queen Mary,  compiled from official Queen Mary Archives 
Launched in an era when speed and grandeur went hand in hand, the RMS Queen Mary is the last survivor of the golden age of ocean liners.  From the time of her maiden voyage in 1936, passengers crossed the North Atlantic cocooned in luxury.  Movie stars, tycoons, politicians, and royalty shared a ship with everyday people, for whom this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During World War II, the Queen Mary ferried countless soldiers safely across the sea and, at war's end, carried their brides and babies home to America.  Refurbished and polished to her previous glory, the Queen Mary continued to carry passengers until her final voyage to Long Beach in 1967. The RMS Queen Mary now serves as a floating hotel and tourist attraction, a living testament to her glamorous history and a magnificent example of a time when oceans could be crossed in both comfort and beauty.
Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.   
Price:  $21.00



Virginia's Presidential Homes,  by Patrick L. O'Neil


Virginia's Presidential Homes takes a visual excursion to the homes of the eight Virginia-born men who served as president of the United States: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson. Virginia, nicknamed the "Mother of Presidents," is the birthplace of these eight men who were key to the success of the American Revolution, the forming of the U.S. government, the War of 1812, the annexation of Texas, the Mexican-American War, and World War I.  Coming from diverse backgrounds and classes, their residences ranged from simple wood-frame structures to elegant, brick-pillared mansions and estates.  Through images and drawings, this book will bring to life their homes and family life.


Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.       

Price:  $21.00


The First Shot,  by Robert N. Rosen & Richard W. Hatcher

This pictorial history documents the first shot of the Civil War, the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter on April 12–13, 1861.  Historians Robert N. Rosen and Richard W. Hatcher III have gathered, in one book, more illustrations and photographs about the “first shot” than can be found in any other previous book.  Here the reader will find the dramatic story—in words and pictures—of the leaders, personalities, soldiers, forts, and the dramatic artillery bombardment itself, all under one cover.  


Softcover, 6 x 9, 128 pgs.       

Price:  $23.50


Rally Round the Flag,  by R. G. Bluemer


The Civil War story has been retold by many writers, but Ron Bluemer chose to let the soldiers themselves do the telling.  From letters and newspapers, he has gathered the personal accounts of Illinois Valley troops who battled disease and cold even as they fought the enemy.  A 4th Cavalry survivor writes of Shiloh that “we were in the thickest of leaden hail, yet only three of our men were killed (but) many were wounded mortally and we left 40 or 50 dead horses.”  Local heroes are documented with official accounts of their valor.  Every significant battle in the Mississippi Valley, and many skirmishes that are seldom mentioned, are examined from the point of view of men who served in the local regiments.



Softcover, 5-½ x 8-¼, 240 pgs., many historical photos and maps

Price:  $21.00