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DVDs and Videos


Shipping/handling rates are the same for DVDs and videos as for books, and they may be ordered along with books.  Any combination of 5 books, DVDs and/or videos qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.


Riverview DVD: Laugh Your Troubles Away

DVD Price: $29.95 

Bringing to life the book of the same name, Laugh Your Troubles Away is a much applauded documentary of Chicago's Riverview Amusement Park hosted by Emmy Award nominee Norm Cherry. With co-writer Derek Gee, long-time employee Ralph Lopez traces the park’s history with vintage ads, historic photographs taken by the official park photographers, and motion pictures.  Included in the video are color on-ride footage of the Greyhound coaster, the Bobs, Comet, Flying Turns, Fireball, Pair-O-Chutes and Strat-O-Stat, as well as rare Universal newsreel film and exclusive photos taken by the park itself.  Newly added bonus footage contains a sing-a-long, radio spot and stills gallery.  There is no other comparable video of the great Riverview Amusement Park!  Viewing time: 1 hour, 8 minutes.




In cooperation with Zed Merrill & Associates, Back When Books is pleased to offer an outstanding collection of DVDs and videos covering America's fight for the cause of freedom in World War II.  Zed Merrill is an award-winning writer and producer who has earned much praise for documentaries focusing on people and events in that war.  Some of the selections here deal with events that were reported at the time, albeit in less detail.  All of them delve deeper into the details of various disasters and acts of heroism that were overlooked or little noted by historians of that great conflict.  These are truly compelling documentaries.


Forgotten Valor

The gallant war record of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard went almost unrecognized for more than 60 years until this documentary helped to get them placed in the U.S. Congressional Record.  During World War II they had 710 ships sunk beneath them.  Serving as gunners aboard poorly armed supply ships, they faced the enemy’s fire power in every corner of the world.  This is the long overdue account of their heroism and sacrifices while protecting the delivery of essential war supplies to allied troops.


DVD Price: $22.95                 Video Price: $21.00





The Ploesti Mission

It was one of the most daring and controversial low-level bombing missions of World War II.  On August 1, 1943, 177 B24 bomber attacked the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania from the astounding low altitude of only 50 to 75 feet above the ground.  This first film account of the mission sets the record straight on what really happened, not what the books and TV told us.  The gripping true story is told by the brave men who flew the incredible mission.


DVD Price: $22.95                 Video Price: $21.00


The Silent Glory
During World War II, many young male Japanese Americans from internment camps volunteered to fight for the country that had turned its back on them.  They fought two wars.  One against an enemy of tyranny in Europe and one against an enemy of discrimination in America.  Yet they would become the most decorated military fighting force in United States history.  General Mark Clark said of them: “Best damn fighters in the U.S. Army.  Send me more!”  Their rescue of the lost battalion is considered one of the greatest missions of the war.

DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price: $21.00

 The Last Day of Innocence
The people of one typical American town, through courage and sacrifice, helped create the miracle of the 20th Century and change America forever.  Out of the ashes of December 7, 1941, something extraordinary happened.  The American people, without questioning, began a nationwide movement that stunned not only their enemies but their allies as well.  An arm-in-arm movement unlike anything the world had seen before-- and may never see again.  This is the story of how one small American town experienced it with their hearts, their patriotism and their blood.


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price: $21.00






The Wounded Do Not Cry

They were the first U.S. Army nurses to care for the D-Day wounded.  The nightmare of combat was always near.  If they weren’t pulling 12-hour shifts awash in the blood of the living, they were scrambling for their helmets and dragging patients into foxholes.  This is their unsung story, based on the book American Nightingale, by Bob Welch.  It is also the story of one nurse who would unknowingly life the spirits of thousands of tired American Gis at a time when it was needed most.


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price:  $21.00 

The Winter Winds of Hell
The U.S. Merchant Marine, while running supplies to U.S. armed forces and their allies, suffered one of the highest casualty rates of World War II.  With one out of three ships being sunk, thousands would perish on poorly armed cargo ships on every sea of the world.  There were no doctors on board and their guns often wouldn’t fire.  Their story is told by those who survived and have yet to receive full acceptance and recognition for their heroic sacrifices and achievements.

DVD Price: $22.95               Video Price: $21.00







The Last Heroes

On August 9, 1945, a B29 bomber, with a name few Americans would ever hear about, returned from a mission that dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.  Unlike the Hiroshima mission of the Enola Gay three days before, there were no cheering crowds or medals waiting for the crew when they returned.  The history of World War II would little more than mention their heroic mission, and then much of the details were either recorded incorrectly or credited to someone else.  Their gripping ordeal has been mostly ignored.  Why has there been little disclosed about the Nagasaki mission?  Was it because the city was never hit by the bomb?


DVD Price: $22.95               Video Price:  $21.00







No Way Back


Literally hundreds of American cargo ships were sunk while carrying supplies to U.S. fighting forces around the world.  Thousands of U.S. Merchant Marines died and many were captured and tortured, especially by the Japanese.  What happened to them when the war ended is a black mark on American history that will shock you.  Their story is told here for the first time in this grim documentary. 


DVD Price:  $22.95               Video Price: $21.00





In the Shadow of the Tiger

The forgotten B24 squadron of the famous Flying Tigers consisted of but five planes.  Their Japanese target on Mission 19 was one that mystified the crews.  Why didn’t they receive the usual fighter cover?  And why, after more than a half century, are there World War II historians who insist there were no B24s attached to the Flying Tigers in China?  Letters from the past shed new light on the mystery and controversy that still surrounds this tragic and little known mission.


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price: $21.00







Tales from WWII You Probably Never Heard Before


The U.S. Navy destroyer that simply vanished.  The forgotten bombing mission that ended the war.  The fantastic unpublicized escape of WWII.  And there’s more!  This rare collection presents lesser-known stories of World War II that are uniquely unusual and in some case bizarre.  Most of them were discovered hiding just beneath the surface of already recorded incidents.  Others emerged from the memories of ordinary people who experienced them.  They will likely amaze you, make you smile a little and perhaps shed a tear or two.            (Also available in book form.)


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price: $21.00






Betrayal in the North Atlantic

The mysterious decision concerning the PQ-17 convoy to Murmansk, Russia is still being debated by war historians nearly 70 years after the end of World War II.  Winston Chruchill called the incident one of the most melancholy naval episodes of the war.  And there are some who have called it one of the most treacherous acts of betrayal in naval history.


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price: $21.00









Disaster at Sundown


To this day, only a few know the truth about the raid on Bari, Italy.  Indeed, few have even heard about the disaster.  Both the U.S. and Great Britain have been silent, not to hide the fact that the German air raid took place, but the fact that an appalling incident happened because of the attack.  More than 2,000 servicemen and civilians were killed.  But the true death toll may never be known because the number of deaths from the attack has continued to increase over the last 65 years.


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price: $21.00








The Dawn at Midnight

The nightmare of the Pearl Harbor bombing had plunged an unprepared America into a frenzy of fear and defeat.  Then came a glimmer of light in the form of our first WWII hero, B17 pilot Colin Kelly, Jr.  His sudden presence in the heart of every American brought the dawn at midnight that would illuminate a nation in despair with the hope and courage to fight for and defend their freedom.  But what was first reported left the United States War Department with a hovering cloud of uncertainty.  What was truth and what was myth? Here, finally, is the true story.


DVD Price: $22.95                Video Price:  $21.00





Above the Thunder

As a combat Marine, Bill Andresevic fought house to house in Korea.  He became an officer and later a jet fighter pilot flying classified missions.  He flew outsized cargo planes worldwide before retiring to fly rescue helicopters for Northwest hospitals.  There he was involved in one of the greatest civilian air rescues in American history: Mt. St. Helens.  But to purposely get involved with the CIA in a secret war in a southeast country most people never heard of before may be difficult to understand.  Yes, there was the sheer excitement and adventure, but there was much more.  For the first time, this soldier of fortune tells his story, revealing an incredible career that was mostly shrouded in secrecy.



DVD Price: $22.95           Video Price: $21.00